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Troilite FeS Handbook of Mineralogy

Troilite FeS c с2001 2005 Mineral Data Publishing version 1 Crystal Data Hexagonal Point Group 6 m 2 m 2 m Massive granular nodular Physical

Troilite Wikipedia

Troilite is a rare iron sulfide mineral with the simple formula of FeS It is the iron rich endmember of the pyrrhotite group Pyrrhotite has the formula Fe 1 x S x 0

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Oct 21 2013 Troilite is a rare iron sulfide mineral and a member of the pyrrhotite group Although it can be found on Earth it is more abundant in meteorites

What metal troilite textures can tell us about post impact

Abstract–Metal troilite textures are examined in metamorphosed and adjacent Fe Ni metal allowing formation of troilite and occasionally copper within the

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Click Here for Larger Troilite Image in a New Browser Window Images Comments Brown masses of troilite with white cohenite in kamacite taenite matrix